Proactive Support as a service with HPE InfoSight

Proactive Support as a Service

HPE InfoSight enhanced by rock-solid service from dedicated experts

How do you get more value from your data center? And how do you spend less time on it?

In today's digital age, new applications and workloads are creating more and more data in the edge, the cloud and the data center. However, if this data is not available when and where it is needed, 'value' will be lost to your business. Data can now provide you with a wealth of insights to reach new customers, develop and deliver new products, and work more efficiently and effectively. Every minute of downtime costs a lot of money. That is precisely why availability is becoming increasingly important.

Monitoring is more than tooling

But how do you guarantee availability? Lots of organizations are investing a great deal in monitoring, and today they may already have the tools to keep an eye on their entire infrastructure stack around the clock and report every problem. But monitoring alone is not enough to solve everything. In many cases it is not enough to see what is going wrong; you also need to avoid potential problems. And that is what is often missing: a proactive reflex, coupled with the speed to intervene before the damage is done.

Proactive Support as a Service, your proactive reflex

A service (from Bronze to Platinum) that gives you crystal-clear insight into your workloads and always links them to the right actions. Together with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we offer you the option of choosing a data center that will give you much more value and save you time.

HPE InfoSight

Many organizations today have HPE InfoSight as it is integrated into numerous HPE data center solutions by default. However, they do not necessarily get the full potential out of this solution. Specifically, HPE InfoSight uses AI and machine learning to see more than you can see. However, in order to obtain a truly proactive service, these insights still need to be translated into concrete action.

And this is where Realdolmen offers the necessary services to quickly and proactively optimize and provide support. Fully customized, tailored to your needs now, and easy to grow with your organization. Read more about the benefits, technology and capabilities, from Bronze to Platinum, that go into our Proactive Support here.

What level of proactive support is the best fit for your organization?

Our experts will be happy to come and analyze your current IT environment and identify your needs.

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