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About us

Nice to meet you!

Realdolmen, a member of the European Gfi Group with approximately 1,950 highly qualified employees, provides strategic, tactical and operational ICT solutions for over 1,000 customers throughout the Benelux. In every cooperation, Realdolmen realizes the potential of people and organizations and strives to keep ICT human. We are driven by technological innovation, but we advance at the speed of your ambition, results-focused and managing fundamental change. Our company motto "New Challenges, New Ideas"reflects this.

We have strong local roots in Belgium with offices in Huizingen, Kontich, Ghent, Louvain, Lummen and Mons. Through our sister company, Real Solutions, we are also present in Luxembourg. Jointly we are part of the international Gfi Group, one of the most high-performing digital and IT service companies in the industry. The Gfi Group has its headquarters in Paris, and is mainly active in France, Spain and Portugal, plus 17 other countries in Europe and beyond. We also maintain 18 international service centers. That way, we can advise and assist customers with international activities in other regions too, and keep working on ever more innovative cost models.

As each customer is unique and has different needs, we collaborate with a wide range of leading technology partners. We also develop our own IP, which we distribute internationally, partly via targeted partner channels.

Why work with us?

At Realdolmen, we strongly believe that people make the difference, not just technology. We are convinced that ICT should simplify the functioning of people and organizations. That is why we don’t start from just a technological perspective, instead we focus on people, their potential and the result organizations want to reach. Then we work out the technological solution. ICT is a means, not an end in itself. Hence our mission: we make ICT work for your business. We ensure that ICT really works. We do this by being a trustworthy partner for the implementation of ICT projects and outsourcing arrangements. We relieve our customers of the complexity that
is often inherent in ICT. This enables them to concentrate fully on their core activities and reduces their workload.

Let's Go For It... Our three strategic I's


Intimacy is about proximity to our customers, which is of utmost importance to us even though we are part of the
international Gfi Group. Local ownership is key. Think global, act local. Think local, act global. We not only have a strong local team of experts, but we also have an international reach in 20 countries and various nearshore service centers across the world, which is a major advantage for our customers.

Industrialization and Automation

Many of our customers want to be unburdened. The total cost of ownership is an important decision criterion in choosing the right partner for that. However, at the same time they also want to keep a lot of local flexibility. All of this is perfectly in line with our capabilities. We can offer on-site, nearshore and even offshore industrialization and automation services that can be fully adapted to the economic and human challenges our customer face today. The result: increased productivity, reduced time-to-market and optimized costs.


Innovation is the core of our approach. We provide our customers with innovative and sustainable solutions to make their information systems a real performance lever. In order to achieve this, we have various interacting innovation labs, including one in Ghent. This knowledge sharing opens up new perspectives, both for our customers and ourselves.

From digital transformation to digital flow

Digital transformation is high on the agenda of every boardroom and rightly so. In a world that keeps changing faster, with exponentially expanding technological and economic opportunities, it is more important than ever to keep moving. How do you do that, though? How do you choose between all the options, projects and priorities that cross your path? Should you focus on today or on the future? On people or on numbers? Dream big or go for fast results?

At Realdolmen, we reject an "either-or attitude", we embrace the paradoxes and do both at the same time. Organizations no longer have to choose between "operational IT" and "strategic IT", nor between "load reduction" and "innovation". Together with our customers, we operate and continuously improve the operational IT, constantly freeing up new resources to innovate for the future.

Today, it is no longer about one moment of digitalization; it is about injecting a continuous digital attitude. It is thinking about the long term, AND at the same time delivering in the short term. That is why we should no longer be talking about a digital transformation, but about a digital flow. At Realdolmen, we want our customers to get into a continuous digital flow: from unburdening, to innovation, and back again. We are perfectly positioned to get you into a digital flow.

Get your organization into a Digital Flow

What can you expect from us?

What makes us a unique ICT partner is our one-stop-shop approach. We offer integrated solutions that support the entire ICT life cycle. We help you answer and manage all your ICT questions, from strategic and tactical ICT to operational ICT.

  • We respond to strategic requests by advising our customers on how ICT can be used to support their business plans or even to explore and implement new business models. We also work together to analyze how future technological developments may actually make a difference.
  • Tactical requests revolve around improving business processes and implementing new and existing ICT solutions along with how you can integrate ICT trends into your organization over the short term.
  • Operational issues involve specific products and services in the field of applications and infrastructure that can facilitate customers' day-to-day work.

Issues can arise from the business, but also from the technology itself. They may be driven by a specific need, but organizations are also often in search of a more structured partnership. In both cases, our primary focus is on helping you realize your business goals. By bundling all of our ICT expertise, both local and global, we can respond to your issues in an integrated manner from all perspectives: technology, solutions and people.

Moving Forward Together

We believe it is always important to maintain an open dialog in every partnership. After all, when companies work together, it is about people working together. We take a pragmatic, constructive, and proactive approach in order to ensure that our partnerships with our customers are as simple and enjoyable as possible. Forward together, that is our philosophy.

To get there, together!

Let us know how we can help. We’ll happily take your ICT concerns off your hands and work together with you on your organisation’s future.

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