an investment in better business results

Software development

Software is an investment in better business results

Support your strategy with ICT

Companies often come to us because they need new or better custom software to support their business processes. They often see this as a cost, an investment, even though software can be so much more than that. The right software, integrated correctly in an existing ICT infrastructure, will give your company a competitive advantage and have a positive effect on business results.

Manage the costs

Getting started with standard software is of course cheaper than custom software, but sometimes there’s simply nothing available that adequately satisfies your needs. This doesn’t mean software development has to cost a fortune. On the contrary, with efficient project management and possible nearshoring, we can substantially reduce the costs.

All aspects of a development process

Software development has become a complete process in itself. Alongside developers there are often also ICT architects, consultants and other experts who come into play. And you can’t ignore issues such as Application Lifecycle Management, Application Performance Management, testing, user adoption and training either. At Realdolmen all these aspects are included in our project procedure as standard. And you can rely on the full commitment of the whole team from start to finish.

An experienced team

One of the main factors behind our success is our recruitment. Our teams are comprised of employees with all the skills and experience required to bring even the most complex projects to a successful conclusion. Because the possibilities offered by state-of-the-art computer technology are always so impressive, it’s often the people who make the real difference when it comes to software development.

Realdolmen DevOps Factory

Why collaboration is the business model of the future

In this white paper, we demonstrate the value of the collaborative models used in a software factory. We outline the situations where this kind of model can drive your business to a higher level. Above all, we hope that the insights you gain from this white paper will inspire you to take action with both smaller and larger ideas.

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