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Marvin.Cache.Headers 4.0 Released

Posted on August 19, 2019 by Kevin Dockx
I’m happy to announce Marvin.Cache.Headers 4.0 was just released.  This release retargets Marvin.Cache.Headers to .NET Standard 2.0.  Next to bugfixes it also includes one breaking change: action-level attributes now override controller-level attributes instead of the other way around (as it should’ve been al along).  This release has also been tested with the current prerelease version...
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Posted in Web Development
Tagged: .NET Core, Cache

Use your private linked ARM templates with ease

Posted on August 15, 2019 by Jan Tourlamain

Everyone that worked with ARM templates knows that they are error prone. More often than not it's a struggle get them right. So, if you don't want your team to wonder if that 6th floor window isn't an easier way out, you provide them reusable templates. One problem with linked

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Posted in Mobile Development
Tagged: ALM, Azure, devops
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