The Sagano EcoSmart collection: leading the way in a green world

1 September 2022

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Targus's mission is to recycle more plastic than any other bag manufacturer, converting biodegradable materials into new sustainable products. Inetum-Realdolmen encourages all its partners to work sustainably and supports the new Sagano EcoSmart collection for embracing this ethic.

Sagano EcoSmart: Targus’s contribution to a clean environment

The Sagano EcoSmart collection puts sustainability, comfort and protection first. Whether you’re on your way to the office or a lecture, or simply taking your gear to a nearby café, Sagano is carefully designed to protect your essentials while also protecting the environment. The entire bag – liner, shell and finish – is made of synthetic, biodegradable materials without compromising on quality. When you buy a laptop bag from this collection, you are reusing four to nine PET bottles per bag!

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