Inetum-Realdolmen Becomes First Belgian Partner of Orchestry

31 August 2022


Along with Orchestry, we now offer a complete governance, adoption, and enablement platform to make work simple in Microsoft 365 for enterprise organizations.

Perfect Timing

During the corona virus crisis, digital tools like Microsoft Teams were set up and rolled out in just about every company at record speed. There was no time for a thoughtful plan of action or governance. Now that remote working has become standard for many, it’s time to increase the structuring of everything to realize the full potential of these digital tools for your employees and organization. After all, it’s easy to get lost in all of the opportunities the tools offer. Straightforward governance leads to higher productivity.

Finding your way through the tools to structure everything, make templates, set up new teams, etc. requires much time; time you cannot spend on your core business. The Orchestry platform takes the guesswork out of what to use and when in Microsoft 365 with pre-built workspace templates, intelligent workspace provisioning, an informative workspace directory, and robust governance features to enable both IT administrators and end users throughout the organization. All of this is contained in a single, unified, and intuitive interface.

For example, this platform allows you to control security in the context of shadow IT. You gain insights, including how to straighten things out. Imagine 20 teams without an owner. All of these new insights can be the basis for a plan to improve the use of digital tools step by step.

Added Value of This Partnership

As the only Belgian partner of Orchestry, we can offer our unique and combined strengths to our customers. Our platform offers attractive pricing; you gain value and save time since the administrative side of these digital tools becomes much easier.

Another compelling factor in this partnership is that the platform provides you with the ability to store all of the information about your workspaces in your own environment, if needed. The tool is also constantly being expanded with additional functionalities. The roadmap for the future looks promising. Since we really believe in the benefits of this solution, we are also going to integrate the platform in our own organization. For a Better Together!

About Orchestry

Orchestry makes work simple in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint Online with its comprehensive life cycle management, insights, adoption, and standardization platform. Built by SharePoint MVPs and Microsoft 365 experts, Orchestry helps organizations formulate a roadmap of “what to use and when” in Microsoft 365 through increasing technology adoption, empowering governance, and simplifying provisioning organization-wide. Learn more: https://www.orchestry.com.

About Inetum-Realdolmen

Inetum-Realdolmen, part of the international Inetum Group, helps its more than 800 customers find their way in the post-digital transformation era with approximately 1,950 specialist employees in Belgium and 27,000 colleagues worldwide. Our ambition is to be the trusted technology expert and preferred business partner who helps organizations get the most out of their Positive Digital Flow. We guide our customers worldwide and locally, with digital technology and innovation at the heart of the added value we offer.