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The Samsung Ruggedized portfolio: Galaxy Enterprise Edition mobile devices

19 November 2021

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Modern workplace

A tough work environment requires durable, specially adapted devices. Samsung's ruggedized smartphone and tablet range is their response to an important mobility trend. In industries such as manufacturing, construction or transportation, a smartphone or tablet is much likelier to sustain damage. Protecting the hardware can help reduce that risk significantly.

Samsung's Enterprise Edition devices give you more — more choice, more control and more protection. The Enterprise Edition offers you easy management and full protection inside your device.

The Ruggedized portfolio: XCover and Tab Active series

Designed for tough environments, mobility, productivity, management and safety. Discover a smartphone (XCover series) or tablet (Tab Active series) that meets your professional needs.

Why go for Ruggedized?

The Galaxy XCover 5 and Galaxy Tab Active 3 can handle the most demanding tasks and activities and are built to be highly durable. Thanks to their improved shock absorption, they can withstand falls of up to 1.5 meters, while the IP68 rating for dust and water resistance means they can be submersed in water for over 30 minutes and are fully protected against dust and dirt. The devices can also be operated while wearing gloves or with wet hands, making them suitable for use in various sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing or transportation.

What are the advantages of the Enterprise Edition?

Extensive security support

Rely on your devices always being up to date and protected against mobile security risks. With Enterprise Edition, you're assured of regular, consistent Android and Samsung security updates and maintenance reports for at least five years.

Business continuity

Upgrade to smarter devices you can keep using for longer. Samsung's two-year product life cycle ensures end users of consistency and IT administrators of easy management. Enterprise Edition devices remain available on the market for two whole years after their global launch.

Knox Suite support

Enterprise Edition comes with a license for Knox Suite, an end-to-end solution for IT administrators that covers all aspects of your professional mobility program. A one-year Knox Suite license is currently included for free with every purchase of an Enterprise Edition device (benefit of €55 annually per device).

Getting started with Knox Suite? Click here.

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