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Inetum's Intraverse – a metaverse platform that makes virtual reality interactive, immersive, accessible and useful

Saint-Ouen, France, 4 April 2022

Inetum is asserting its presence in the field of virtual reality with its Intraverse platform as spearhead. Users are projected into interactive situations that are difficult to reproduce otherwise, or that do not yet exist.

Inetum bases its innovative solution on an intentionally open protocol that allows the creation of virtual digital worlds with infinite uses. Inetum, leader in digital services and solutions, provides companies and organizations with a concrete solution to build immersive experiences, whatever the final device used (virtual reality headset, computer, tablet, etc.).

Virtual reality that’s interactive, useful and accessible for businesses

Inetum’s Intraverse is in fact a metaverse for the business world, in B2C, B2B or B2E mode. Through its the platform of the same name, Inetum gives access to technologies that reproduce social interactions but also any kind of physical manipulation with the world in which the user is immersed. This creation of virtual worlds and interactions offers companies and institutions an unprecedented experience. The platform makes it easier for them to develop immersive experiences and adapt them faster to their needs and uses.

One of the specificities of Intraverse is that it allows users to interact with each other, but also with the environment in which they find themselves. This is a promise that remains rare in the world of virtual reality, because the mechanisms are complex. Thanks to this platform, it is possible to manipulate any objects so that other users can see them move and transform the environment they occupy. This particularity enables Intraverse to compose single-use scenarios that are perfectly adapted to the 3D world. Another special feature: this platform is independent of the user's hardware. It can be adapted to different types or generations of virtual-reality headsets, but also to a PC or a simple tablet. A feat considering the obvious differences of 3D interfaces when using joysticks or a mouse.

The opportunities offered by this technology are numerous. It allows us to improve employee performance and, far from being a video game, now truly serves the company. “On the HR side, there is training, of course, but we are also thinking of integrating new employees with virtual onboarding courses,” says Inetum Chief Innovation Officer Jean-François Gaudy. Inetum's multi-sectoral approach multiplies the opportunities for organizations: for example, in healthcare, to prepare for an operation or train a multidisciplinary team to execute a complex protocol; in industry, to execute actions in sensitive environments; in defence, for simulations of high-risk situations; in sports, to rework game actions and think of variants; or in construction, to design, restore and use BIM data.

Co-innovate to create more opportunities and performance

Inetum's Intraverse makes it easy to create virtual reality scenes. The platform does not require any programming. It frees users from technological constraints and allows them to develop complex virtual universes in which they can act and interact with each other as avatars. “Being immersed to interact and collaborate in a virtual environment makes it possible to manipulate abstract concepts that, seen in 3D, suddenly appear much clearer to learners. This allows for a better anchoring of the concepts that are taught,” Gaudy explains.            

According to Julien Casarin, XR (eXtended Reality) Manager at Inetum, “With the web, it took a long time to set web browsers to a single protocol, to allow all (or almost all) of them to be compatible, and to display all sites in a similar way. Compatibility between solutions for creating virtual reality is following the same path to ensure that they become usable and used by businesses.”

Inetum's innovation teams work with companies and institutions to co-construct the most appropriate and relevant scenarios for each use case. “Simulations of risky situations, training in complex environments, design thinking, design review, virtual social interactions... these are some of the applications for which our experts could help our clients to imagine and build their own immersive experiences. It's a very different approach than just putting a few 2D slides in a 3D world. The experience becomes unique,” Jean-François Gaudy concludes.        

To learn more about Intraverse, meet Inetum's experts at Laval Virtual from 12 to 14 April in Paris.

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