Achieving Your Transformational Journey through the Cloud

In a world of unprecedented market disruption, Digital Transformation – or as we’d like to take it one step further with Digital Flow, isn’t just a fancy buzzword. It is a key trait to explore and renew business models and stay ahead of the competition. Cloud Computing is an important enabler in accelerating this transformation, as it offers many opportunities to achieve the type of agility, scalability and speed that is needed to succeed in today’s fast changing business climate. In fact, Cloud has increasingly gained momentum as a major catalyst for Digital Transformation. Paving the way for business innovation and cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Services, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Chatbots and Blockchain. As such, Cloud should be considered as a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Gartner: modern business depends on technology for its competitive operations and customer experiences; and most technology innovation has firmly shifted to the Cloud. Few, if any, organizations will be able to implement new business models or ecosystem relationships without relying on cloud services. By 2021, over 75% of midsize and large organizations will have adopted a multicloud or hybrid IT strategy. By 2022, public cloud services will be essential for 90% of business innovation.

Cloud adoption is not a one-size-fits-all approach that simply happens overnight. Even though it is often thought of as one technology, Cloud actually comes in many forms, offering an ecosystem of services, which means choices have to be made. Simply moving things to the Cloud in a ‘business as usual’ state of mind doesn’t automatically guarantee a successful Digital Transformation. To truly benefit from the Cloud, organizations need to change their way of working. It requires a buy-in from both business and IT. The first step is to acknowledge that moving to the Cloud is a journey, a transformational change, not a one-shot.

At Realdolmen, we understand that adopting the potential of Cloud always means something different to different companies. No two journeys are identical, as no two businesses are the same. Some may be at the very start, while others may have already adopted a Cloud-native attitude. Nevertheless, it is important to know where you are and where you want to be.

The key goal is to create maximum impact within predefined business objectives and strategy and minimize risk. We believe that our Multi-Cloud approach is a key differentiator in finding the least disruptive route to the Cloud, combining a comprehensive mix of solutions and services, on a strategic, tactical as well as operational level.

Find Your Why

There are many reasons why organizations are moving to the cloud. Cost savings and better TCO benefits are one of them. And while the Cloud can do that - if done right, its primary benefit lies in the ability to quickly adopt the latest technology in order to rapidly respond to business and market changes. So, from an outcome perspective, first start with finding your why, both on a practical and an investment level. It inspires vision and triggers action.

Cost savings and better TCO

Cost savings and better TCO
Business Agility

Business Agility

Scalability and Elasticity

Scalability and Elasticity
Great support for new kind of connected and data driven solutions

Great support for new kind of connected and data driven solutions
High levels of IT flexibility with Pay-as-you-Go models

High levels of IT
flexibility with Pay-as-you-Go models
Unburden: Shift from Operational focus towards better business support

Unburden: shift from operational
focus towards better business support
Higher overall quality on SLA, Security, Availability, Durability

Higher overall quality on
SLA, Security, Availability, Durability

Stairway to Business Value and Impact

Getting the most out of the Cloud is about finding the right business value for your company's needs, but also dealing with risks, new operating models, working with Cloud Solution Providers (CSP’s) instead of assets, new security and architecture requirements. As the Cloud adoption perimeter is specific to each company, there is value in all approaches to the Cloud, whether the strategy is Cloud-native, multi or hybrid. In some cases, Cloud migration may not even be the best fit (yet).

Think Digital Flow

Management studies show that one of the main C-level dilemmas in business and technology is about operational versus strategical focus, about keeping the business running reliably versus agility and innovation. However, a Cloud strategy, and by extension any digital strategy, must address both modes, in a well-balanced way. To find that balance, you have to let go of apparent paradoxes by adopting a both-and attitude.

Our Digital Flow concept ensures that you no longer need to choose between operational IT and strategical IT, between unburdening and innovation. Getting into a Digital Flow goes beyond Digital Transformation, for it is not about one moment of digitization, nor a set of Digital Transformation projects. It is about making digitization a cornerstone of your organization.

Digital Flow is the perfect mechanism to focus both on today's operations and on experimenting with tomorrow. To operate and inspire and at the same time establish the bridge from today to tomorrow, by continuously optimizing what exists. This frees up resources to innovate for the future. However, to ensure a maximal ROI, you also need connect tomorrow to today, by scaling up experiments and integrating them into your daily operations and business models.

Our Cloud Value Offering

Our Cloud value offering spans the end-to-end approach and services on all leading cloud platforms, providing the guidance, knowledge and experience to unlock the full potential of your Cloud journey experience, no matter the stage you are in or the value you want to achieve.

Cloud Transformation Journey

Cloud as the Foundation of Your Digital Strategy, it may sound obvious, but how do you embark on a successful Cloud Transformation Journey? We ensure a comprehensive adoption and migration journey, addressing your challenges at every step and making sure your business objectives are fulfilled.

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