Know your customer

Know your customer

Customers are better informed than ever before and come into contact with a sales person later and later in the purchasing process. This is a new challenge for sales. The remedy is simple: be prepared: know your customers and their needs so that you can respond to them in an individualized way. 

Customers go through several phases in their purchasing process. The first is the Awareness phase, in which customers identify a possible need or problem (evolution from subconscious to conscious). Marketing must therefore make sure your company immediately comes to mind for these customers, so they take your company into consideration. Market data combined with own customer data must furnish these insights for marketing.

During the Consideration phase, a targeted response to the customers' needs is required. Customers must be offered the right cocktail of products and services that nicely fulfills their individual needs. Peer data and own customer data can feed predictive models in order to make accurate predictions. 

Once customers have made a decision, Customer Experience comes into play: offering customers a unique experience. The entire organization contributes to this; knowing and understanding the customers is therefore fundamental here. Everyone who is in direct and/or indirect contact with customers should have a 360° image of those customers. 

Data driven marketing & sales

Collecting and analyzing data.  

By collecting all customer data and using this to create insight, individual customer analyses, white spot and peer analyses can indicate the right opportunities.

An example: Territory white spot analysis

Map of Belgium showing distribution of the customer base. Information can subsequently be filtered using various parameters (customers, customer classification, turnover, margin, account manager, products and services).


white spot analyse