Automatic Marketing Qualified Lead Generation

Automatic Marketing Qualified Lead Generation

Marketing generates a substantial number of touchpoints (website, newsletter, promotions, events, etc.) with customers. By collecting and analyzing the interactions and behaviors of customers at these touchpoints, you can gain specific insights and generate leads. 


For each contact person and customer, various kinds of data from the touchpoints can be collected and assigned a score. As soon as this score crosses a predetermined threshold, this contact person is incorporated into an individual nurturing journey. In this journey, the touchpoints are made specific and customized to the contact person. We send out an individualized newsletter, for example.

If the contact person confirms their interest through their clicking behavior for this newsletter, a marketing qualified lead will automatically be created:

  • Their behavior in the nurturing journey is analyzed using a Machine Learning algorithm. 
  • After a positive evaluation, a lead will automatically be created in the CRM system.
  • The account manager will be notified of the new lead and the details of the lead and why it is qualified by Marketing.