Mobile working with good ergonomics.

Mobile working with good ergonomics.

Roeselare City Council collaborated with HP and Realdolmen to find the ideal solution.

Situated in West Flanders, Roeselare is a city of approximately 62,000 inhabitants. Employees working for Roeselare City Council are active in a range of areas and occasionally do jobs outside the offices. For this reason, the local authorities wanted to find a solution that would support mobile working for these employees.

The end of the 'Paper Age'

Roeselare City Council wanted to leave the paper age behind as quickly as possible, so that it would be able to handle all queries from citizens effectively. ICT, digitization and adequate mobile options are all essential for providing the best possible service to the city's residents. In particular, the City Council wanted hybrid tablets and a solution for laptop users without resorting to tablet functions.

Roeselare goes mobile thanks to Realdomen and HP

The City Council representatives made the decision to set aside an adequate budget for ICT. We want to leave the paper age behind as soon as we can and embrace digitization. This is important, as it is the citizens who are requesting this change.

Griet Coppé | Councilor for ICT @ City Roeselare
Roeselare goes mobile thanks to Realdomen and HP

Focus on ergonomics and commitment.

Roeselare City Council had a clear idea of where it wanted to go in terms of ergonomics and of the desires and needs of their staff. After all, employees can only do a good job when they are satisfied. With this in mind, Realdolmen worked with HP to configure the requisite devices and provide test devices.

Ultimately, the local authorities opted for the HP Elitebook 840 G3, HP Elite X2 and HP Specter Pro X360.  Council employees are now more mobile than ever thanks to these devices. Searching for information, entering it on site, and liaising with communities, associations and individual residents: staff can now do everything directly on their tablet.

For us, it was important that the employees were free to choose their device. The IT department compiled a catalogue for every employee to look through before choosing the device they wanted to work with.

Bart Vandenbroucke | Director of Support @ City Roeselare

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