Cloud Roadmap: the library of the future

We are collaborating with ARhus to build the library of the future with the help of a detailed Cloud Roadmap. The two libraries of Roeselare were merged into a single knowledge center that is fully in tune with the latest technology and aims to restore the original function of a library: a center where everyone can go to find reliable information and participate in a lifelong learning experience. ARhus is presently focusing primarily on the health sector and also aims to develop reliable apps for this sector.

High-level collaboration

ARhus is in the first place a digital hub where expertise comes together from various places. The municipal servers of Roeselare were no longer adequate, so they were jointly looking for a reliable partner who could collaborate with them to develop a long-term plan.

We immediately proposed the Cloud Roadmap and outlined the options and budgets until far into the future. We are closely following this roadmap and making adjustments when necessary. A Cloud Roadmap contains an optimized blueprint for the entire data center, with an appropriate mix of private cloud, partner cloud or public hosting. Thanks to its strategic partnership with HP Cloud and Microsoft Cloud (Azure, Office 365, etc.), Realdolmen can support its customers in every conceivable context.

The tailor-made cloud

When it comes to the cloud, customers are not looking for a broker but for an integrator. They want to be informed about the available options, and they are looking for a partner who will actively help them find the best solution for their specific business needs and requirements.

"The number of cloud projects is growing exponentially, and our customers are looking for a good partner in this project and not simply a vendor. In collaboration with Microsoft, we can work out a tailor-made solution for each individual customer and provide them with answers to a great many questions beforehand in order to develop a Cloud Right Strategy. We are convinced that Cloud Roadmaps will become increasingly important in future. Customers want to migrate to the cloud but at the same time are becoming increasingly aware of the endless options as well as the various hidden limits," explains William Callewaert from Realdolmen's Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Consulting Services.

In the coverage below (Dutch), Yves Rosseel, General Manager of Arhus and a passionate supporter of ICT, explains to us what a Cloud Roadmap can mean. Also speaking is our specialist Conny Van den Steen.



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