warmste hackathon

Warm Competition for Groundbreaking Ideas

27 June 2019


Change is the only constant. That's why we are constantly on the lookout for new influences, inspiration and ideas. We set ourselves and others around us the goal of facing the challenges of today and tomorrow with an open mindset. This fall, we are organizing a hackathon where we will spend a whole 24 hours focused specifically on these challenges, together with students and experts.

A Gateway to New Ideas

Who knows, there may be someone out there with a solution to world hunger lurking in their subconscious. What if that person never gets the time, space or resources to develop and work out these ideas. We don't find that a comfortable thought. After all, an idea can start very small and poorly defined, only to develop into something unexpectedly groundbreaking, given the right context.

An idea is only of use once it becomes real: it needs to evolve into something that can be tested and is feasible in practice. That happens to be exactly what hackathons are for. A hackathon is an event where teams work non-stop for a limited period (24 hours) to come up with solutions to case studies. Participants must use all the knowledge and skills at their disposal. That is the aim of our hackathon: to make our society a better place to live. We encourage the participants to think ‘outside the box’, as long as society benefits from this in some way. The 24 hours are aimed at preparing the teams and their ideas for a final pitch. They receive intensive training from R-experts that cover technical, business and presentation skills.

Hot, Hotter, Hottest at the Warmste Hackathon

Whether or not the outcome will be a game changer, we have yet to see, but one thing you can be sure of it will definitely be hot! That's because the participants can raise money by completing various assignments and developing their concept. These proceeds will then go to a good cause of the team's own choosing, provided that this charity is registered with Studio Brussel's Warmste Week. The winners of the Warmste Hackathon can then go and deliver their donation themselves in the week before Christmas.

The More the Merrier

Our hackathon has been conceived on a grand scale. As well as all the resources to make the assignment a success, a host of fringe activities will also be on offer. Our JAVA team is in the process of building an application that will collate all the points that can be won in various ways, like VR games and social voting. In fact, all of the organization will be done internally, by our school coordination team. They will take on both the practical side and the communication with schools and partners, like Odisee Brussel and R.A.V.E.N.. The latter of whom will be in charge of enabling the teams in the various locations to compete with one another via VR. It's important to say everyone is welcome, both students and old hacks. Any of us could harbor groundbreaking ideas, the trick is to work together to give them expression.

Time for a Challenge!

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