Together for a safer online & offline world

17 July 2018

Vitamine R

Every day we work to achieve something together. We unburden customers and enter into dialog with our colleagues. We do our absolute best every time to reach our common goal. As we do so, we always ensure that people remain the central focus. Our golden partnership with Child Focus is also based on these same pillars.

Run for a good cause

Child Focus is the Belgian foundation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children established after the Dutroux case. It receives a limited government subsidy covering one third of its financial needs. For the remainder, it is dependent on donations from companies and the general public. To add to these resources, it organizes the Child Focus Run, a fundraising family run. This is being organized for the first time this year. In both Mons and Mechelen, people will all be running towards the same goal: a safer online and offline world for children. Together they will try to raise as much money as possible. ‘To get there, together,’ in other words. It rings a bell with us! We also like to put the focus on people at Realdolmen; including the most vulnerable. That's why we are a 2018 Child Focus Gold Medal Partner.

For this reason, we're building a real Realdolmen Family Day around the Child Focus run. On September 23, 2018, we'll organize a picnic, scavenger hunts and a kubb tournament in De Nekker in Mechelen. In addition to the Child Focus run, there will be plenty of other activities for our employees, the perfect recipe for a fun day out together. We'll also be present (on a smaller scale) at the Child Focus run in Mons.

Match made in heaven

The last Employee Centricity building block we created cooperatively was Life Balance. Responsible exercise is a theme that was high on the agenda. Because of the relatively short distances of the Child Focus run and the friendly family approach, the run fits perfectly with this theme. By showing our social commitment, we put the focus on the most vulnerable person (the child) and we work together for a safer online & offline world. In line with our simplICTy4kids days, where we teach children programming and other skills, we ensure that children get a proper start with the computer.


“This golden partnership has been chosen with great care. Developing the potential of our employees is one of our most important ambitions. Protecting and safeguarding the potential of children as a social mission connects perfectly with this goal. By joining forces with Child Focus, we can contribute to this joint ambition.”

Marc De Keersmaecker | CEO Realdolmen
Heidi De Pauw

"Child Focus can only fulfill its role of helping missing and sexually exploited children through the support and solidarity of many. Alone, we can do nothing. That is why it is so beautiful that the people of Realdolmen make such a heartwarming gesture. Thank you very much for that."

Heidi De Pauw | CEO Child Focus.


To get there, together!

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