Tentacles extending into the physical world

24 May 2018

Internet of Things

Anything in the physical world with identifiable characteristics can be equipped with sensors. It enables you measure all the aspects that are of interest to your business. All aspects of the physical world – temperature, light intensity and the like – can provide valuable input for your business.


All the information we capture falls under the heading of "data". If we store data correctly in the right sequence and combine measurements with each other, we can extrapolate all kinds of things from them. When data is sequenced by time, for example, it is possible to perform historical analyses. Data can also be used actively in business processes, as a specific measurement can become the catalyst for the next step in a process. The Internet of Things phenomenon is the collective term for this field. Anything that can be equipped with sensors can now transmit data to a platform, where it is stored and structured. This data can also be processed "on the spot" by the 'thing' in question, and used to perform adjustments without requiring intervention by a central system. This is what we call Edge IoT. If the data is forwarded to an internal local network – i.e. without the involvement of the internet – we refer to it as the Intranet of Things.

Anything which has characteristics can be measured. Anything that is of interest to know is therefore of interest to IoT. - Johan Kumps, IoT architect

Cut out the margin of error

Installing sensors comes with all kinds of benefits. The data collected is always accurate as it is measured by a machine, which eliminates human error. If a user reads numbers from a balance and then enters them into a system, inaccuracies can creep in. A correctly calibrated balance, however, is 100% reliable. The data also arrives much more rapidly, often after just a few milliseconds. It can be used in real time in the business process and you can react to this data immediately, leading to a shorter time to completion of the process. The sensors act like tentacles extending into the physical world, making the application immediately aware of the scenario in which it is operating. Continuity, along with speed, is guaranteed. Data will always be sent, and sensors never need to go on holiday. This also gives people more time to focus on other things. They no longer have to think about the process, as they can rely on the technology. By capturing data automatically, the user of the physical thing is free to spend their time on more interesting or more complex tasks.


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