Taking your laptop safely on vacation

Taking your laptop safely on vacation

20 July 2021

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Summer vacations have started! And finally, we all have the opportunity to travel again and enjoy some good times. In our country, but – if the positive trend continues – also abroad.

A lot of people take their laptops with them on vacation, to check their email, surf a bit, or look up local information. Especially now that health advice and safety measures can change daily. So long as your device does not disrupt your well-earned rest and relaxation, there is, of course, nothing wrong with that. Your security – even when you travel – is important to Inetum-Realdolmen, which is why we offer different levels of security: end-users, company level, business level. To ensure that you can go on vacation with your laptop in complete safety, we would like to give you a few extra tips that you should think about before setting off.








Be careful with public networks

Accessing the Internet while you're on the road or on vacation is a piece of cake. Many vacation homes, hotels, resorts and camping sites offer free Wi-Fi for you as a guest to use. However, these networks are not always secure. Often they are not encrypted and usually a lot of people know the password. This makes it child's play for hackers to access confidential information. Therefore, while you're on vacation, never work online with sensitive data. It's a great time to read your favorite blog or browse news sites, but any online banking or shopping is an absolute no go!

Don't give prying eyes a chance

Just checking your email outside the house, some surfing on the terrace ... Ideally, of course, you want to do this discreetly and protect your privacy. So protect yourself physically from prying eyes – because even from about five feet away some people can catch a glimpse of what you're working on – using the optional integrated HP Sure View privacy screen. Just tap on a key and you make your screen unreadable to those around you, while the content remains clearly visible to you.

Stolen laptop? Prevent unnecessary headaches

Of course, you do the best you can to protect your laptop. Yet fate can still strike. One moment of inattention or just plain bad luck: and your laptop has been stolen. What now? To avoid any further mishaps, it is best to take a few precautions. For example, the model number of the device can help you track it down or at least prove that it is your device if it is found. Therefore, write the number down at once and keep it in a safe place. Plus, as a minimum precaution, you can save all your data: make regular backups, work in the cloud. You may have lost the device, but that doesn't mean your data has to be lost too.

Don't share your vacation photos until you get home

The temptation will be strong to immediately share photos from your vacation destination with your friends and family on social media. After all, you have waited long enough for this. Nevertheless, it is best to wait until you return home. People with less than good intentions are also seeing them, and can take advantage of your obvious absence to break into your home.

Need help making your devices extra secure?

Don't want to take any chances but still be able to use your laptop safely wherever you are? If so, Inetum-Realdolmen is happy to help. We offer a host of solutions and services and take immediate action when needed. For example, Microsoft Intune, a mobile management platform based on cloud technology, ensures that all corporate applications and data run in what is called a bubble on private devices. You can manage and secure these devices remotely, providing extra security in the event of loss or theft. Read more about it here. With an additional Warranty Pack, we can even insure your devices against break-ins and theft . 

Want to find out more?

Please contact our specialists at info@inetum-realdolmen.world. Of course, you can also get in touch with your regular contact at Realdolmen.

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