Strong in diversity

17 October 2018

Vitamine R

The Realdolmen Salesforce team is currently Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner. Already a nice achievement in itself, but they are still heading for gold. Their strategy? Growing steadily with a dynamic team and a great deal of diversity.

A vibrant dynamism

Recently, four acADDemICTs joined the Salesforce team. AcADDemICTs are people who choose an IT career and first follow a training program. Some have just graduated, others already have experience.

The team welcomed a Belgian with Congolese roots, a Flemish muslimah, someone with Italian roots and a Flemish colleague from Hoboken. Young potentials always bring some fresh ideas, but those colleagues also ensured that the team became even more diverse. In combination with a Chinese manager, almost all parts of the world are being represented now.


In addition, Ingrid Sluis, 51, recently joined the group. "In a team where the average age fluctuates somewhere around 34 years, maturity is really visible," according to Ingrid. "Nevertheless, I am convinced that a healthy mix of different cultures and ages provides a good dynamism. We combine all our strengths to achieve the desired growth together."

We respect everyone's individuality

A good mix between young and old is a real asset. It offers young potentials a breeding ground where they can learn from and continue to grow. The team works with a mentoring system, according to which several experts are ready to support colleagues. If someone feels the need to improve his or her knowledge on a certain level, he or she can always address a mentor and exchange some experiences.

Such an initiative fits very well one of our Realdolmen values: we respect everyone's individuality. The value of the individual is used in the interests of the collectivity. Salesforce also share this mindset. They strive to create workplaces that reflect the society they serve and where everyone feels at ease to be their authentic self at work.

This is, as far as we are concerned, a nice move for gold!