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4 September 2020

Vitamine R

People make a difference every day, and this has particularly been the case recently. Employees agreed to be more flexible and adapt to a new workplace as well as a new, virtual way of collaborating. Employers, in turn, needed to come up with new ways of keeping the connection alive even when working remotely. It was no different for us. It is precisely in turbulent times such as these that we need to stick to our principles. Our Employee Centricity philosophy is one of them. By offering our employees a Flex Income Plan (FIP), starting from this week, we are also deliberately choosing to take a next step to turn our vision into reality.

Employee centricity, what’s in a name?

At Realdolmen, we know that it is people who make the difference. We therefore do our utmost to focus on our employees, and so help them to realize their potential. We have summarized our vision in our Employee Centricity philosophy, driven by open dialog and trust. These six building blocks represent its real-life implementation:

  • It's in our DNA: every long-term relationship starts with a good match at the level of a shared mission and values.
  • Personal growth: our employees are in the driver's seat of their own career, while we support them with inspired leadership and talent management.
  • Knowledge: knowledge is our capital, and committed colleagues share their knowledge internally and externally.
  • Communication: we encourage open dialog and a balanced feedback culture.
  • To get there, together: together, we are a single dynamic company where everyone is unique.
  • A healthy work-life balance: a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Using these building blocks of the Employee Centricity framework, we want to be able to respond to our staff's specific needs at different phases of their lives and careers.

A vision that is concrete and tangible

The Flex Income Plan (FIP) is a detailed and tangible implementation of this Employee Centricity philosophy. Our employees now have the option of customizing part of their salary package by choosing the benefit that best suits their own needs, such as leasing an electric bike or topping up their pension pot. In this way, our employees are again rewarded just a little bit more for all their hard work!




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