Our acADDemICTs are also on the road to a climate-neutral future

1 March 2023

Vitamine R

Inetum-Realdolmen takes sustainability seriously, including when it comes to our fleet. We work on sustainable fleet management, dedicating additional investments and focus on efficient driving. Year after year, we succeed in reducing our impact on the climate, which is good news.

Greener cars

Our fleet table contains many electric cars. We offer a nice range where everyone can find their best solution. In this way, we take into account the growing demand for electrification from our employees. Last year, 70% of the employees who were allowed to order a new car opted for a fully electric model. By making this switch, together we can reduce CO2 emissions by 73%. This choice not only contributes to better air quality in our country; it also allows us to reduce our carbon footprint.

Did you know that one electric car saves an average of 15 million grams of CO2 in a year? That's more than the equivalent of four round-trip flights from Brussels to Barcelona!

AcADDemICTs lead by example

Every year, many young graduates, acADDemICTs, start working in our organization. We are therefore proud to be able to offer all hires (about 100 this year) an all-electric car. After internal questioning of our current acADDemICTs, a young and dynamic model, the Cupra Born, was the clear winner. At the beginning of March, 20 acADDemICTs had already received their car and started their sustainable driving adventure.

I'm excited that Inetum-Realdolmen takes responsibility to support a more sustainable future.

Arne Lecleir, acADDemICT

Additional investments

Electric cars are not a passing trend. Still, not everyone can easily make the switch yet. That’s why, as a company, we are investing in an extra number of charging stations in our offices’ car parks. Our employees get a charging badge they can use to charge their car throughout Europe, and we also support their ability to easily charge their electric car at home. We offer our people the opportunity to install a future-proof charging infrastructure at home, which could be connected to their solar panels, for example. Through an ambassador program that we launched in the middle of last year, we were able to lend a helping hand to 23 employees who wanted to speed up their switch to electric driving.

We promote safe, economical and environmentally friendly driving with an eco-drive program, with a mix of training, support and follow-up. Those who participate learn how to increase their own safety, on the one hand, and how to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions on the other. It’s an ideal starting point for putting our sustainability mindset into practice.

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