One Brand, One Company, For a Better Together!

7 January 2021

Vitamine R

After an eventful 2020, we are ready for a new start. And 2021 not only brings us a new year, in which we go together optimistically and hopefully for a Positive Flow, but the new year also brings us a new name: Inetum-Realdolmen.  This new identity fits perfectly with the new Inetum group brand. How do we move forward together as one strengthened glocal company in this international context? We spoke to Vincent Rouaix (CEO and chairman of Inetum) and Johnny Smets (General Manager of Inetum-Realdolmen).

Inetum, one brand, one company. It’s a powerful statement; how will it strengthen us?

Vincent Rouaix: “It is an invitation to move forward together in one shared, living culture of solidarity, ambition, excellence, engagement and innovation. For we truly are better together. A pioneer in the business, we have been growing along with a changing society, economy and new technologies while staying true to the entrepreneurial culture and bold spirit of our beginnings. United under one single brand and one name, Inetum now allows us to confirm and further expand our position as a solid and sustainable technology leader. A top-tier provider of value-added IT services, solutions and innovation. It is not only a new name, but a new global corporate identity as well. One international, integrated group with 27,000 talented people in 26 countries and significantly reinforced capacities to operate locally and even closer to our clients.”

The new baseline is 'Positive Digital Flow'. What does this mean?

Vincent Rouaix: “We have entered the post-digital transformation era. In this constantly changing world, the challenge of companies and organizations is to go beyond digital transformation and to adapt to a permanent Digital Flow that generates new economic, managerial and social opportunities. It became necessary for us to anchor this new reality into our DNA and to help our clients get the most out of this Digital Flow. To enable the perpetual renewal of companies by designing digital strategies that meet their business challenges. Starting from hands-on experience and usages, we co-build concrete, agile solutions and integrate them in the unique ecosystem of each client.

A new brand, a new identity. What brings the future?

Johnny Smets: “I’m very positive about the future. Together, we will evolve in becoming a new group identity in the next couple of years. 26 countries are ‘Walking & Talking’ (cfr. our philosophy of change: building something new together in dialogue and evolution) to become one. With the new brand and identity, we can add a group layer on top of who we are and what we do. As Vincent was saying, we are not only a Belgian company, but we will also reposition us as an international group that is active around the world. This will create even more opportunities to grow and play our role as the trusted technology expert and business partner of choice, bringing our clients into the Digital Flow."



In 2021, We Think Positive

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