New challenges, new (recruitment) ideas

24 April 2020

We have been living and working in a new context for several weeks. A big change that shook the world of many people, both personally and professionally. Change appears to be the only constant. You better embrace it with an open mind. After all, new challenges bring new ideas. During this crisis, a lot of people take the time to pause and look for new opportunities. Fortunately, change is part of our Realdolmen DNA. In no time, our recruiters designed a new recruitment process that can occur completely remote. Thus, today both parties can easily meet each other online.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Technology is our lifesaver. And we don't just say that because it's our business. The many possibilities that exist for online collaboration and communication guarantee the continuity for many companies. Our recruiters also work from home to the maximum, they do everything by telephone and as much as possible via video conference. Applicants go through a process that includes a telephone screening, an interview via video and a virtual meeting during which the contract is reviewed.

I remain curious about the new people I get to know. They all have their own story, their own search related challenges. Even in these uncertain times, I try to listen carefully to our people managers and their concerns, as they undoubtedly have to face many additional challenges. This is the only way we can work out what is possible and what is not. Continuing to communicate with each other and with the applicants, both about the dips and the positive moments, is the most important thing to me. We are in this together!

Laila Bulteel, Senior Recruitment Officer Realdolmen

The connection has been lost

We notice that we can reach people more easily, interviews are easy to schedule, and we can switch more quickly. Apart from that, it is more difficult to find and feel the personal match. A personality does not come across as well on screen and many non-verbal signals are lost. If technical or connectivity problems arise, it is even more difficult to have a smooth and personal conversation.

I am open and honest in my communication to the candidates. We try to keep candidates permanently informed of the state of their application, for example if the application process is delayed. We also try not to make false promises. A candidate for whom we currently see no opportunities may be the perfect match within a few months, depending on how the situation has evolved.

Erik De Romagnoli, Talent Officer Realdolmen

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