Luckily, enjoying one’s company is also possible online

26 March 2020

Vitamine R

To us, technology is a means, never an end in itself. More than ever and especially in the current context, technology helps us to communicate and stay connected to one another. Unfortunately, that isn't so easy for everyone; certainly not for those seniors currently quarantined in residential care homes. Their lack inspired a wonderful initiative.

A few days after stricter measures kicked in, Katty, Sales Manager at Realdolmen, asked if as a technology partner, we couldn't take some laptops we had ‘lying around’ and give them a new and useful purpose. Like many other seniors, her grandmother lives in a residential care home and can no longer receive visitors. Luckily, staying in touch can help keep the loneliness at bay a little, even if it's only on a screen. 

Our internal IT team equipped various laptops in record time with communication tools to enable video calls. Despite the fast work, they made sure to take security into account. Additionally, our helpdesk can control the laptops remotely if necessary, meaning (virtual) help is nigh, and there's no additional burden on the care providers. Lending these laptops to the care home allows our oldest family members to keep communicating with all the younger family members. Furthermore, these devices will remain available to the care home on a permanent basis, even after the crisis is over. That way, residents will be able to see and speak with their loved ones, even if they live far away.

Meanwhile, a second batch of laptops has been prepared to help people stay connected despite our current situation. We have invited all our employees with family members in residential care to take advantage of this initiative. This way we can provide them with support and hopefully relieve a little of their emotional pain from the Coronavirus.

We are happy to be able to use technology to create a little wave of positive feeling among people who wish to stay in touch, even if it has to be virtual for now. We hope that soon, they'll be seeing one another in person in better circumstances once again.

For more information about this initiative, please contact Katty Verresen.

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