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Let’s Check In: The Power of Connection

24 July 2020

Vitamine R

How are you doing? A simple, yet powerful question that creates an opening to truly connect as people in the here and now. We regularly ask this question in the form of a check-in because we are convinced that we can only realize the full potential of our customers and employees when we are in good connection with each other. However fast we have to go sometimes; a moment of mutual reflection always pays off. 

On Yourself and Each Other 

I am firmly convinced of the value of regularly checking in on yourself and others”, says Wesley Moreels, Manager HR Business Partners & Development Realdolmen. “Take your time to check in on how you and the people around you are feeling when you meet them. There's no need for a major therapy session - just the kind of basic human interaction that is so often forgotten in our rat race.”

At HR, we strongly encourage everybody to regularly fit in little checks like these. The effort is minimal, but the reward is great. This isn't just for challenging periods, either. It should be an everyday thing, until it becomes part of our culture. That way, we can continue to take care of ourselves and others.

On Our Customers 

Our strength as a company is our ability to support our customers through our technical expertise. To deliver great quality. Technological skills are - and will remain - the foundation of what we do”, says Leen Adams, Senior Marketing Business Partner Realdolmen toe. “After all, continually developing those skills and using them to help our customers with their IT issues is what it's all about for us. It is precisely because we're such a large company that we're capable of taking care of our customers' day-to-day IT operations while also helping them innovate for the future and even bridging the gap between the two. Additionally, we want to act as our customers' trusted partner. To build solid relationships. To truly understand their context, their goals, their dreams and challenges, and to craft a response based on technology. Win-win thinking, both/and thinking. To make that possible, we have to establish an open dialog with them and listen well."

How are you doing? What do you need? How can we keep supporting you?

Let's start a dialogue!

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