How I got there, together with Realdolmen

25 July 2019

Vitamine R

Starting at a new company is always exciting. To Annelies (intern marketing), that first day, filled with a thousand and one impressions, seems only a few weeks ago. "If I could do my internship all over again, I would not hesitate for a second. One thing is certain, this internship has flown by. And you know what they say, time flies when you're having fun!"

Success is a team effort

The end of my school career was in sight when I got here. The final pieces of my Bachelor's degree in Marketing have combined into one last element: the long-awaited internship. I had a specific goal in mind: I wanted to do my internship in a company with an eye for potential, where your successes are acknowledged and there is room for self-development at your own pace. Trust me, the complete package isn't easy to find. I had been looking for quite a while before arriving at Realdolmen. But right away, it felt like a great fit. Finally, I'd found a company that stands for something. A company where all employees are working towards a common goal. Where the leaders guide the troops to victory. All without losing sight of who those troops are, and what drives them.

During my internship I gained a lot of knowledge about Marketing in a B2B environment. This is of course the main goal of an internship, but for me there is something much more important. I have seen, felt and experienced that success is a team effort. That your own personal growth is an effective contribution to the team. That you can be proud of your own, increasing potential. And that is the secret of a successful company in my opinion. A focus on trust, cooperation and results.

Make IT more human again

Unless you work in the IT sector, or study computer science, IT is usually of no great concern. You often hear people say it's "far too difficult" or "much too boring". During my internship at Realdolmen I learned that nothing could be further from the truth. In our modern, technological society, you have to stand out as an IT company. And that is very hard to do. But Realdolmen, in my opinion, has the success factor: IT isn’t just a thing, it’s a thing made by humans. IT is human. IT is not just a complicated, difficult subject. It is also something that supports and assists our people and our customers on a daily basis. Something that makes processes so much more efficient. Something that will ensure that our customers can achieve better results. It ensures that we have more time to maintain a healthy life-work balance. This is also IT.

Viewing this whole sector from a different angle, and seeing the beauty, creativity & efficiency, is a true eye-opener. Your certification provides for basic skills, but does not guide you to one particular sector. You have to build that path yourself. And you can start at Realdolmen. With an open mind, enthusiasm & a healthy dose of audacity, you're ready for a fantastic internship or work experience at Realdolmen, just like mine! If you also want to know what it feels like to be in the driving seat of your career, you know what to do!

Follow Annelies' advice

By taking control of her own career, Annelies found a permanent place in our Lead Generation Team. She successfully followed her own advice, now it's your turn!

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