Everything starts with a WOW and Digital Flow at Technopolis

7 March 2022

digital flow

Technopolis was looking for a technology expert to strengthen their backbone and create a future-proof digital layer above the live experiments in their building in Mechelen. We made contact, entered into dialog and explored the initial operational requirements in greater depth. By applying our both-and approach and our 4x4 accelerator methodology, we ended up uncovering all sorts of additional strategic digital opportunities.

Technopolis aiming to create WOW moments

One of the aims of Technopolis is to create as many WOW moments for young people as possible. There's no doubting the power of science and technology to make your jaw drop! By engaging the interest of youngsters, Technopolis seeks to inspire them to be more proactive about their future career choices. We can be quite sure science and technology will take us way beyond our imaginations.

Technopolis set about facilitating moments like this and further developing their position as a provider of information about technology and digitalization for young people. They mapped out various actions to achieve their goal. From a digital layer above their physical facilities, through digitally programmable spaces to a real smart building to demonstrate how the digital world of the future will look. Technology is the key tool to make WOW moments happen in all these use cases.

“We have been around since 2000, which means our infrastructure has become outdated. To address this we launched an entire upgrade project, and we needed extra digital support in our building in Mechelen. Strengthening the backbone was an essential part of this. We recognized that the digital infrastructure in the building is not only important, but also part of a much bigger, overarching digital story.”

Stephane Berghmans, CEO Technopolis

4x4 accelerator as a conversation starter

Inetum-Realdolmen initially came on board to make the Technopolis backbone ready for all the upcoming changes. This included increasing the network capacity to ensure optimal operation of all digital facilities and creating more Wi-Fi access points so that all visitors would have a good wireless connection. We helped them with aspects like this and, in our role as a business partner, we also started a dialog about the Digital Flow at Technopolis. To stay future-proof, you need keep moving between today and tomorrow. Technology is critical to automating activities and processes, and to making them more efficient. But technology is more than just an operational motor. It is a driving force behind transformations that can help make businesses future-proof.

“I am super pleased we have this opportunity to use our 4x4 accelerator methodology to help Technopolis – as we do other customers – to create and maintain their digital flow. We were able to turn what started as a purely operational IT need into a strategic dialog via this conversation facilitator. On one hand, we looked at what they are doing now and how we could optimize this. Additionally, we inspired them about the new technology they can use now and in the future to achieve their business objectives.”

Johnny Smets, General Manager Inetum-Realdolmen
Johnny Smets

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