The way to the cloud: ready for take-off?

The way to the cloud: ready for take-off?

5 January 2021

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The cloud is the driving force behind the current wave of modernization in IT. According to consultancy firm Gartner, in the coming decade the cloud will be the dominant model for the development of new applications as well as the adaptation of a great number of existing applications.

Many companies are currently transitioning from physical servers to a virtual environment. The cloud is flexible, scalable and entails fewer operational costs. By using cloud services in addition to your own servers, you opt for less worry on both the financial and technical level.

Flexible IT for an agile strategy

Innovation is essential when it comes to moving forwards in a changing world; as a future-oriented organization you have to respond quickly to changes in the market. The flexibility of the cloud integrates perfectly with this. With the cloud, users can consult their applications and data at any time, anywhere and on any device, allowing them to share, collaborate and communicate quickly and efficiently.

Scalability boosts growth

For companies today, scalability is probably the most interesting feature of the cloud. While physical servers require a large initial injection of capital, the cloud works on an operational cost model. If your company suddenly grows, you can upscale quickly and advantageously, so you are opting for IT infrastructure that grows organically with your company.

Which workloads are perfect for the cloud?

The flexibility and scalability of the cloud are perfect for your standard applications such as your email program, workplace application, storage or backups. So why not migrate everything to the cloud? The cloud is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Sometimes legacy software is incompatible with cloud software, and businesses often prefer to keep critical applications or sensitive data in their own data center.

Choose the best of both worlds

How do you reconcile the flexibility of the cloud with control and security? Our years of experience in the IT sector have prompted Realdolmen to reflect on this question too. We searched for a solution to create an infrastructure that provides flexibility and scalability as well as security. That led us to Datacenter as a Service (DCaaS), a hybrid IT environment with an operational cost model.

Datacenter as a Service is a comprehensive solution that unites various cloud environments with a physical data center. That way, you combine the best of public cloud, private cloud and on-premise in a transparent cost model with various payment formulas. Do you acquire your on-premise environment in a pay-per-use-formula or do you opt for a leasing model? With DCaaS, you select the most advantageous option for your infrastructure.

Is your company ready for cloud transformation?

Curious to find out more about the advantages of cloud transformation for your organization? Realdolmen helps businesses with expanding an effective environment in a simple service model. Using an infrastructure roadmap of your current environment, we offer you a glimpse of the future of IT.

Evolve with your business

 "To cloud or not to cloud?" The ICT Infrastructure Roadmap has all the answers to these questions. 

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