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CoZo goes mobile

19 January 2017

connected company

Connected companies are companies that thrive in the digital age.
They know how to create new sources of value for their customers.
They learn faster and move faster than their competitors.
They are able to redefine and recycle their resources in new business areas.
They tap into rich networks of peers and provide value to their existing and new customers.

Connected companies focus on outcomes and experience instead of assembly line effectiveness.

How does a company become a connected company?

To be able to be a connected company, you need to have a strong software platform that can use innovative technology to connect various parties (customers, employees, partners etc.) to each other and that can also evolve rapidly in response to market needs.

With CoZo, we have understood perfectly that "being connected to each other" can make it possible to meet the needs of today's patients and doctors.

The Collaborative Care platform (Collaboratief Zorgplatform, or CoZo) is, as its name suggests, a digital collaborative platform where patients, care providers and care institutions can exchange medical data and information rapidly and securely. The platform was developed in 2013 in collaboration with Ghent University Hospital and the other hospitals in Ghent. It has since grown into the largest digital platform in Belgium for providing doctors and patients with medical results and care information.

The platform was previously available via End users are increasingly surfing while on the move; this applies not only to the patients, but also the doctors and care providers who surf when on house calls, as well as homecare organizations.

Tom Fiers, CoZo coordinator: “End users surf more and more frequently while on the move, and eHealth is no exception. In order to avoid cumbersome login procedures, and, in the case of emergency, to be able to look something up quickly in a patient's file while travelling, CoZo has been working on a secure mobile app in collaboration with Realdolmen. The aim is to also give patients access to the portal from their mobile devices. In 2015, a pilot project was carried out to give doctors mobile access. This clearly showed that the challenge for this project consists of rolling out a sufficiently secure but also sufficiently low-threshold registration and authentication procedure." (source:

This means that CoZo provides a great example of how a company can connect all the stakeholders to each other, and focus on its customers.

Would you like more information about how you can become a connected company? Contact our expert Roel De Cuyper, Division Manager at The Connected Company, at

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