Connecting to realize our further potential

1 October 2019

Vitamine R


Taking a team of around 100 members away from their customer sites for an entire afternoon seems like a fairly radical move, but that is exactly what our BAPM team does once a year. On this one afternoon, we take the time to focus on one thing: to use new knowledge to connect with each other and with the rest of the organization.

Driving force

BAPM is the Professional Services Competence Center that accommodates all Business & Functional Analysts and Project Managers working for our customers in various forms of sourcing mode. The team currently consists of around 100 consultants. About ten of those people are also on the BAPM Advisory Board. They act as a liaison between the BAPM staff in the field and their management. They develop and expand initiatives to offer professional support to the entire team, boost team spirit and build bridges to the rest of the organization. They do all this with a single goal in mind: to further realize the potential of each team member and their client.

Getting to work with new knowledge

Each year, the BAPM Advisory Board organizes an afternoon of workshops and networking opportunities for the entire team. This has been a successful event for three consecutive years now. Colleagues from different departments work with BAPM staff on presentations and practice sessions about all kinds of subjects selected from the field. All the team members then return to work the next day newly inspired with knowledge they can use to their heart's content for their client. This year, many people were particularly interested in the sessions about design sprints, chatbots and enterprise architecture information.

During each edition, we also display homemade posters that reflect what the team members are doing for our customers in a fun way. This gives the entire team more insight into all our activities and encourages even more knowledge sharing.

Our knowledge capital is a hugely important asset. Committed colleagues share this knowledge both internally and externally. This inspiring event fits in perfectly with our Employee Centricity philosophy, which shows the steps we are taking to make our company a great place to work.

Counterbalancing the loneliness of sourcing

Being deployed as an expert to support an IT team or help shape a business is not always an easy ride. Assignments are often just temporary, and these experts are not a permanent member of the team. We try to counterbalance this situation through these types of event. For example, a substantial part of the afternoon is devoted to networking. This strengthens the mutual ties with the home front while putting personal development in the spotlight.

This kind of initiative makes everyone feel warm inside. They are a perfect match for the core of our existence: realizing the potential of both people and organizations.

Our focus is on people

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