Coaching and motivating a team in a hybrid environment? Here's how.

14 January 2022

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At the office, from home or on the road. These days, your employees could be working from anywhere. That means you need to coach and motivate your team in this hybrid environment. HR and IT can play a key role in this. How can you coach and motivate your employees? Find out here. 

Good agreements make for good employees

Work in a hybrid environment is typically independent of place and time. How far do you want to take that as an employer? Are your employees free to determine when and where they work, or must they coordinate this with you and their immediate colleagues? To avoid lack of clarity, solid agreements are needed. 

Clear communication

You may not be seeing your employees in person as frequently as you would otherwise. After all, sometimes you'll be working from home while your employees are in the office. That makes clear communication essential. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Communicate effectively and proactively. Explain to your employees why you're doing things a certain way. This helps avoid potential annoyances.
  • Use the most appropriate means of communication. What do you want to communicate? For minor matters that are easy to understand, email can be sufficient. For more complex matters that require further explanation, video conferencing may be a better choice. That way, you can gauge your employees' responses and take the time to explain as needed.
  • Give meaningful feedback. Feedback isn't meaningful if it isn't useful to your employees. Explain your response and present negative messages in a positive light. This way you help your employees understand the message, so they can apply it effectively.

Mutual trust is important

A hybrid work environment is really all about mutual trust. A top-down work culture, for example, won't mesh well with flexible work arrangements. To further encourage mutual trust, you need more than just good agreements. You also have to make time for your employees. One way to do this is to set up weekly video calls, during which you ask how they're doing and check for any problems or concerns.

Technology designed for hybrid working

Even in a hybrid environment, the aim is for people to be able to work securely and effectively. Regardless of where they work. To make this possible, you need the right technological support. HP offers that by looking at your employees: their tasks and responsibilities, needs and ways of working. Based on these factors, you can divide your employees into various 'personas' or profiles and allocate a specific device to each individual. For instance, an ultralight device such as an HP EliteBook 855 is a good choice for people who are on the road a lot, or an HP ZBook Firefly 15 for mobile employees who need that added bit of processing power. Want to learn more about possible personas within your organization? Personalization is part of our Workplace-as-a-service package.

In the spotlight: devices with powerful built-in security

HP EliteBook 855

HP EliteBook 855

The HP EliteBook 855 with Windows 11 is an ultralight laptop with an 85% screen-to-body ratio. It has a silent keyboard so you can work anywhere without disturbing those around you. Furthermore, you needn't worry about visual hacking thanks to HP Sure View, part of HP Wolf Security. This security feature prevents others from peeking over your shoulder and stealing all your brilliant ideas. By the way, did you know PCs with a hardened core, such as the HP EliteBook 855, are the most secure Windows computers ever? See the specifications for this ultralight, secure device here.

HP ZBook Firefly 15

HP ZBook Firefly 15

Do you need unparalleled mobility, speed, and a bit more graphics performance than you get with standard laptops? If so, the HP ZBook Firefly 15 is right for you. See here the specifications of HP's lightest 15-inch ZBook with an Intel® Core™ i7 processor.

Smoother virtual meetings with HP Presence

There's even more. Meetings (including virtual) and collaboration are much easier with the right conferencing tools. HP Presence makes virtual meetings more personal with adaptive audio, smart video and engaging controls. This way participants can collaborate intuitively, wherever they may be. And what's more, this device can also give you useful real-time analyses. Discover this amazing technology here

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The importance of HR and IT

HR and IT play a crucial role in your organization's digital transformation and setting up a hybrid work environment. Which organizational structures can you use to link HR and IT and meet your employees' expectations? Kwinten Seghers and Simon Schelpe investigated the options in their master's thesis "Organization and Management".

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