Chatbots, for and by humans

4 July 2019

Customer Centricity

When chatbots are used in the right way, they are beneficial for humankind. This can provide added value for both your customers and your employees. That is why chatbots are here to stay. They are steadily evolving into an important asset in your overall customer and employee experience.

For your customers

A user-friendly virtual assistant can take visitors to your website by the hand and cheerfully answer any questions they may have. They are comparable to a discreet but always available shop assistant who has a perfect command of your brand's tone of voice. They are ready at the right moment with the answers your customer needs to be able to continue along their customer journey (as determined in advance by you). Customers are served better and faster, and receive a more accurate answer in a shorter period of time. As specific questions can be asked, there is less burden on the short-term memory. Customers do not need to scroll through all the information on the web pages to find an answer.

Are you looking for a new car that has plenty of space for two children and comes with leather seats? A chatbot immediately shows suitable models from your catalog. The chatbot is also able to think and anticipate by asking about the circumstances in which the car will be used. Your customer will quickly be shown matching product that fully meets their requirements. The specific questions (with selection options) asked by the chatbot always steer the conversation in the right direction.

In addition, it enables you to get to know your customer better. It allows new insights to be gleaned, as the customers' needs are literally entrusted to the chatbot. The chatbot, in turn, can be used to amend and optimize your customer experience.

For your employees

Many different types of questions can be answered. For example, a chatbot can flawlessly guide someone through a 'how to', such as how to install a printer. The chatbot can assist with anything that is documented. Automating routine tasks means that your employees will have much more energy for more challenging tasks. The integration of a chatbot makes people more productive and (support) jobs more valuable. Employees can be deployed in different ways, and their job content can evolve to a higher level. This often leads to greater job satisfaction and more fulfillment.



Every major change starts small

Integrating a chatbot into your website or rolling it out internally takes time. It is important for the chatbot to be able to anticipate conversations with real people and for the conversation to feel natural. The initial input is therefore provided by people with excellent writing skills and knowledge of your customers. It is recommended to start small and gradually build it up. You do not have to come up with every question your customer might ask from the start; your chatbot will become smarter over time. However, we always include an 'I don't know' buffer. No idea what the answer is? The chatbot immediately directs your customer to the right contact person.

Ultimately, it is about using artificial intelligence in the customer journey, in the form of a chatbot, to meet your customers' expectations more effectively. This creates an experience that is pleasant for both your customers and employees.

Are you ready for a chatbot?

We'll look at the options with you and build your customer experience.

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