PF challenge

A sporty challenge with a win-win-win outcome, a positive flow for everyone

14 April 2021

Vitamine R

Staying balanced is one of the requirements for us to be able to achieve the ambitious goals associated with our renewed identity together. We will need to maintain a good balance within our company for this, but we mustn't forget our personal life balance either. That’s why we challenged everyone to get moving through our 'Positive Flow Challenge', a name that fits in nicely with our identity. The results are astonishing, and that benefits us personally, our company and good causes as well.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

During our online kick-off, General Manager Johnny Smets personally challenged all our employees to collectively accomplish 160,000 minutes of exercise in four weeks. That was the idea behind our 'Positive Flow Challenge'. After all, we can only empower one another if we ourselves are in balance. We must maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body. Exercise is, after all, a way to recharge our batteries. This is very important in such challenging times as these, as it allows us to keep up our collective resilience and energy balance. 

All types of exercise were eligible to achieve the goal, meaning the challenge was not just for serious athletes. A daily walk around the block, half an hour of yoga… It all counted towards our goal (excepting the path from our desk to the fridge). Paul Van Den Bosch emphasized the importance of daily exercise during our kick-off. As a professional sports coach, he knows the impact of a healthy lifestyle on our physical and mental well-being better than anyone.

Many colleagues took this message to heart and exercised diligently, registering their activity on Energy Lab's KeepMoving platform. All of us together delivered an excellent performance. We achieved our goal of 160,000 minutes of exercise within those two weeks.  


PF challenge

Sightseeing and Margherita pizza

To get as many people moving as possible and to keep things exciting, we also added a stretch goal of 500 participants after the first two weeks. To give people an extra boost, we hid away surprises in every Belgian province. Various colleagues went out hunting and also got to do some sightseeing along the way. Treasures were hidden in such locations as the Atomium, the C-Mine in Genk and the Baraque de Fraiture.

All this effort has yielded amazing results. After four weeks, we had traveled 44,097 kilometers in 285,850 minutes. That is equivalent to 2131 Margherita pizzas worth of calories and about 3,569 liters of sweat.

Part of a greater whole

Our organization is not in it alone. We are part of a larger ecosystem and by extension, of society as a whole. That’s why fulfilling our challenge benefits not only ourselves and our company, but the greater good as well. During the course of the challenge, colleagues could nominate charities that were close to their hearts. All proposals were welcome. They just needed to fit in with our core business –injecting a digital attitude– and our identity. The shortlist has meanwhile been published. Soon, our management team will announce which contributions they will be making to what specific charities.

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