4 concerns resolved with a one-stop-shop IT-supplier

11 February 2019


Managing an IT infrastructure is no easy task. You don’t just need to make sure everything is working properly; you also need to maintain relationships with an increasing number of suppliers. You can buy software and hardware from them, or outsource some of the management, which unfortunately involves even more work.

Choosing a single supplier for the vast majority of your infrastructure makes everything much easier for you, but companies are sometimes reluctant to do this because they still have a number of concerns. How do you dispel these worries? Look for a company that offers a partnership and not just a contract: a one-stop-shop IT supplier.

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What if you want a tool that your one-stop-shop doesn’t have?

A good partner will be open to suggestions. They’ll be prepared to discuss this with you. If it’s useful for them to add this tool to their portfolio, they’ll recruit the right competences for it. This isn’t always feasible, of course, which is why the best one-stop shops also have a network of partners. If a particular software package isn’t included in their extensive range, they’ll refer you to a supplier they collaborate with, so you can full rely on them with peace of mind.

Can I leave whenever I want?

Yes. Just like working with a number of different suppliers, agreements such as this can be set down in your contract. You agree a number of exit conditions in consultation with your supplier. A good partner adopts a flexible attitude in this discussion and will help ensure your transition to another partner runs smoothly. They’re working in your best interests, after all, so you can switch with no worries.

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Doesn’t this give my supplier a monopoly on my IT, meaning the costs can spiral out of control?

This is an understandable fear if you have the wrong partner. But if you choose your one-stop-shop carefully, it shouldn’t be a problem. One way of keeping track of this is by benchmarking their offer. With this information in hand, you can easily discuss things with them. So check that your partner is open to this when you select them. If not, you’d be better off looking elsewhere.

Won’t my innovation be curtailed?

A one-stop-shop doesn’t need to hinder your innovation – on the contrary. But your choice of partner is crucial here, too. A large company has more resources than a small one to be innovative together with you. Furthermore, outsourcing your IT to a single supplier saves your own IT department time because it needs to invest less in contact management between suppliers and day-to-day IT maintenance, so it can focus more on innovation in the department and expanding your business.

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