Double your advantage

Citrix secures your applications and data, makes them mobile and optimizes their functioning. Citrix-on-Microsoft Azure lets you combine these strengths with the benefits of the cloud.

IT has an enormous impact on the functioning of your business processes and staff productivity. With Citrix, you can ensure applications and data are available at all times in a safe and efficient manner. Realdolmen now also makes it possible for you to optimize the use and management of Citrix itself. Citrix-on-Azure just increases the benefits.

Citrix-on-Microsoft Azure

Into the cloud with Citrix

Why opt for Citrix-on-Azure? Because you can reduce your IT complexity and costs, further increase your staff's mobility and serve your customers even better.

Realdolmen has developed three ready-made Citrix-on-Azure solutions, specifically for companies wanting to benefit from the cloud's scale and efficiency as much as possible. The result? Solutions in the cloud that are stable, secure, infinitely scalable and always available.

Why opt for the cloud?

Citrix-on-Azure allows you to take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud:

  • Flexibility: you can respond rapidly to your changing staff and business IT needs.
  • Speed: in the cloud you always have access to the most recent releases, with all available features and the latest security.
  • User experience: thanks to the combination of Citrix and Azure, your staff can access the necessary applications and data with a single click, improving their performance and productivity.

Our cloud roadmap provides the answers

We will guide you through the bewildering range of options currently available for the cloud.


 Citrix Cloud Readiness Assessment

Starting out with Citrix-on-Azure?

Prepare using the Citrix Cloud Readiness Assessment. In this assessment, a Realdolmen consultant evaluates your existing infrastructure and helps improve your insight into the various 'delivery' methods. This is not just restricted to a technical review of the physical environment – existing organizational management processes are also identified and may influence the setup. This results in a proposal describing the points of attention, readiness and requirements for each component of the delivery infrastructure.

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