WiFi Site Survey

WiFi Site Survey

Your wireless network for today and tomorrow

Wi-Fi installation today requires more than a fast modem and the right bandwidth. The requirements of users on a wireless network are also a lot higher than 10 years ago. Coverage has become obvious . Capacity, speed and safety are now the priority. The quality of a wireless network is subject to all kinds of external factors.

Do your employees complain about the speed of your wireless network? Are you sure that your wireless network is sufficiently secure? Do you need different networks separate from each other? Or are you looking for a replacement for your wired network?

With its wireless site survey, Realdolmen provides answers to your questions, while guaranteeing a well-functioning wireless network.

What does Realdolmen offer you?

WiFi Site Survey

Check of your environment

We provide you with a site survey that maps all environmental factors. Is your office building made of concrete, glass or wood? Which insulation material has been used? Which buildings are in your immediate vicinity? Is your company located In the city or in the countryside? On the basis of the collected parameters, we determine how many access points are required for a full coverage.

On-site testing

We perform a measurement on location as a starting point for a reliable WLAN. This measurement gives us insight into the required hardware, the precise positioning and settings. If there are insufficient switching ports available for your WLAN implementation, we'll also do a proposal for adjusting your LAN network.


Based on our measurements, we provide a clear report that you can go over with our engineers. How should access points be configured and where should they best be placed? And what about other required hardware and software? We set up an implementation schedule and make a cost estimate for hardware, software and necessary services.


Fill in the contact form below and add a few basic specifications of your company. We will make an appointment with you to investigate your existing wireless network or the possibilities for a new network.

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