Tomorrow on wheels

Tomorrow on wheels

Discover Realdolmen's mobile Office
Tomorrow on wheels

A mobile office that comes to you?

Realdolmen has a reputation to maintain when it comes to innovation. That is why Realdolmen's Tomorrow on Wheels is touring the country over the next few months. We worked on the construction with Microsoft and Volkswagen Crafter to create a demo space on wheels where you can get to know the latest technologies that Realdolmen offers in the form of a mobile office.

Realdolmen literally comes to you with a classroom and devices.

What can you experience live in Realdolmen's Tomorrow on wheels?

  • Demo space for Surface Hub combined with the Surface Pro4 and latest devices from HP (Elite X3 and X2), Dell and Lenovo.
  • A mobile Customer Immersion Experience or teaching environment that comes to you: you are visited by a mobile office where you can experiment hands-on with Microsoft technologies. No generic demos. You just sit yourself down at the controls of the latest devices. With the assistance of a certified trainer. We are currently planning sessions about:
    • Office 365 
    • Windows 10
    • Azure
    • Dynamics 365

      Find here our agenda. 
ToW van


Would you like to be visited by Tomorrow on Wheels to discover the added value of products like Office 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 10 and Azure? Fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible to work out a customized program for you.