Power Lab Podcast
An Inspiring Look at Microsoft Power Platform

Power Lab Podcast

An Inspiring Look at Microsoft Power Platform


Every first Wednesday of the month, two of our most friendly experts guide you through the wonderful world of Microsoft Power Platform. Each episode treats you to a different empirical use of the platform, which subsequently serves as a jumping-off point for deeper discussion of a current Power Platform topic. These amusing talks explore possibilities and offer new insights, interspersed with the hosts' various experiences. Don't miss a single episode –subscribe through your favorite podcast platform!

The hosts


is an Office 365 consultant and a long-time Power Platform fan. He likes experimenting with the limits of the technology, from game development to all kinds of other surprising creations. If you have a good ear, you may hear a trace of his Kempen accent.

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is a Solution Manager for Power Platform and Microsoft Solution Architecture. He's bonkers about gorgeously designed Power BI charts and has dozens of Power Automate flows to boost his personal productivity. Pizza, whiskey and bikes are also subjects that may come up from time to time. When something's close to your heart…

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Canvas versus model-driven: looking for the ultimate all-rounder app

Which side are you on? We bring the various camps together to decide which Power App variant is the best: model-driven or canvas. We delve into the pros and cons of both variants and look at some use cases, but we are mainly interested in the ultimate all-rounder. This blog will tell you all about it. 

Efficient offline use of Microsoft Canvas Apps

Mobile apps are essential in many work contexts, and in some situations, they have to be used offline as well. If a smartphone or tablet loses its mobile connection, you still want your Canvas app to offer your users a minimum of functionality. Find out how your Power Apps can handle typical offline scenarios and what you should or shouldn't do to keep your app running as it should. This blog will tell you all about it. 

Consistency in Canvas Apps: How reusable components can save you a great deal of time

Consistency increases usability and accelerates user adoption. What's more, by focusing on reusability, developers' work becomes much more efficient. This makes building Canvas Apps with reusable components a smart way to go. Here, we discuss some standard features that can help you build consistent apps faster. This blog will tell you all about it. 

Power Apps for mobile workers: do's and don'ts for a workable application

Mobile workers, such as office workers or salespeople who are always on the move, never or only sporadically have access to a computer. What they do usually have is a smartphone or tablet, making a mobile app a great solution to help them perform their tasks smoothly and efficiently. But how straightforward is it to build such a mobile app in Power Apps? We'd like to inspire you with some do's and don'ts when it comes to building a mobile canvas app. This blog will tell you all about it. 

10 Tips to Take Your Power Platform Apps to a Higher Level

Discover our experts' favorite tips and tricks. They've taken a good look at what went into the creation of their latest apps and are happy to share their handiest tips for better results. These range from using containers and free icons to hiding the Power App navigation bar. This blog will tell you all about it. 

From workflow to RPA: how Power Automate simplifies your life

Everyday tasks can be easily automated with the help of Power Automate from Microsoft. Learn how workflows can make your life and that of your team easier, how complex business processes can be digitalized, and how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help achieve this. This blog will tell you all about it. 

Working with data on the Microsoft Power Platform: how to choose the right architecture

Microsoft is a master at cleverly combining its applications. So, the strength of the Power Platform can be used in one of Microsoft's most popular applications: Microsoft Teams. We dive deeper into the specific Power Apps features within Teams and discuss the pros and cons of this integration. Should you swipe this match left or right? This blog will tell you all about it. 

Working with data on the Microsoft Power Platform: how to choose the right architecture

The choice of data structure should already be taken into account when laying out the basic concept of an application. When building an app on the Microsoft Power Platform, there are several options for working with data. Which options are there and what are their advantages and disadvantages? And what things should you take into account? 

Microsoft AI Builder makes artificial intelligence accessible to everyone

Getting started with artificial intelligence without much programming background may seem like something for people with just a bit too much self-confidence. Yet with Microsoft's AI Builder, it is possible. You can use AI models to add intelligence to the apps you build on the Microsoft Power Platform. There are lots of useful components available that you can start using right away. Our experts explain what to expect from plug-and-play intelligence and in which business scenarios it is most useful.

UX and UI in PowerApps: How to make an app shine

The Microsoft Power Platform's low-code approach makes it possible for just about anyone to build an app, but how do you turn it into an intuitive and attractive end product? What do you need to consider when it comes to usability, design and branding? We would like to help you out with some basic principles.

Starting with Power Platform: Rocket Science or Child's Play?

From now on, we'll be guiding you through the wonderful world of Microsoft Power Platform every month. Each time, we'll treat you to a different way of using the platform and discuss a current topic in detail. Let's begin at the beginning: what's the best way to get started? And is this something anyone can do, or should only tech whizzes make the attempt? Discover a lot of interesting insights and handy resources to help you get started with Power Platform.

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