The best of the hybrid cloud thanks to our roadmap

Smart ICT investment. Download our cloud roadmap.

Available anywhere, all the time

Give your employees everything they need to work mobile. With the cloud, your people can use a simple online account to log in to all their applications and data at home or on the move. This means they can work wherever and whenever they want. We ensure your software is available from anywhere at all times while keeping an eye on your budget. No more night time visits to the office; you always have everything you need with you.

A sustainable plan for your ICT

We draw up a long-term roadmap together with you. So we look further ahead than just the present and take various developments and migrations into account. Making longer term plans saves you money, energy and lots of frustration. We make sure this cloud roadmap is implemented conscientiously and adapt it if and when better opportunities present themselves.

Smooth transition and custom guidance

Another advantage of the hybrid cloud is that it doesn’t require any sudden transitions. Your software keeps running smoothly while you switch to the most efficient infrastructure for your company step by step. We also guide you through every phase of the project. Change management forms an important component of the cloud roadmap which we draw up together with you.

Independent advice

Realdolmen offers a wide range of cloud services and our specialists go in search of the system that best matches your company from an objective point of view. All our services conform to European security and privacy legislation.

Discover the possibilities of the cloud

With Conny Van den Steen

Work on your ICT’s future

The hybrid cloud: the best of all worlds

We notice that the majority of customers aren’t looking for just a provider; they want an integrator. They want to be well informed and need help actively looking for best solution, made to measure. ‘Partner managed clouds’ give both parties a voice and transparency. A good provider shows you the way through this complex issue.

Cloud Roadmap; your future in the cloud

When it comes to the cloud, customers aren’t looking for a broker, but an integrator ; they want to be informed about all the options and help actively looking for best solution, made to measure. At Realdolmen we take care of this by drawing up cloud roadmaps.

You can find all the information you need about the cloud and cloud roadmap in this whitepaper.

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