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Master Data Management (MDM)

MDM solutions help you organize your information. RealDolmen’s MDM solutions offer a concrete answer to problems related to Enterprise Data Integration, Data Quality and Master Data Management.  We also offer strategic assistance in every aspect of Data Governance.


  • Data Governance: this is the best way to optimize the value of your information throughout your organization. It covers standards, policies and processes to organize the use, development and management of your information.
  • Master Data Management: it is not always easy to get a correct (single) view of a customer, product, or supplier. This information is usually spread across different systems inside, and sometimes outside, your company. Moreover, that information is probably stored in a slightly different manner. We offer solutions so you get a reliable and uniform insight into your information.
  • Data Quality: we identify, solve and prevent all possible data quality problems that you contend with. These include duplicate, inconsistent and incomplete information. Data quality can be worked on with audit-data quality scans for effectively implementing full data quality platforms.
  • Data Integration: enables you to approach, integrate and simply trust your information. Data integration, migration and synchronization are core concepts. With this type of solutions we can also advise you in the use of lean integration management principles to put optimal automation and re-use of integration techniques into practice.

Why RealDolmen for Master Data Management?

  • End-to-end answer to all your potential Information Management needs.
  • Years of experience in delivering this type of solutions in various sectors, both local and international, with a public and a private character.
  • Extensive and clear best practices with qualified people.
  • Strategic partnerships with among others: Informatica and Microsoft.
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