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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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Geographic information is becoming increasingly more important in the modern decision processes of organizations. The visual aspect of spatial data is vitally important. GIS is no longer an isolated system; it is now part of a global corporate solution.

RealDolmen provides integration of your geospatial data with your ICT environment in a pragmatic manner.


In addition to complete GIS solutions, we also offer digital mapping and geocoding services, and services related to support, consultancy and training.
RealDolmen is strongly specialized in CAD integration and GIS integration when managing infrastructure in the Engineering and Construction fields.

Why RealDolmen?

With years of GIS experience as an independent CADGIS integrator, RealDolmen has an excellent team of specialists within an extensive portfolio of ICT competences. Moreover, a strong partnership with our leading GIS technology suppliers guarantees a successful realization of your projects.

BIM for infrastructure

Building information modelling (BIM) is an intelligent, model-based process that provides insights more rapidly into the creation and management of construction and infrastructure projects so that they can be realised more quickly, more cheaply and with less environmental impact...

CAD/GIS integration

Interaction between CAD and GIS systems is increasing, which in turn demands changes to business models. RealDolmen will take a fresh look at your business processes and master data management, so that they can make sure that your CAD and GIS environments fit together seamlessly...

Integrated Enterprise GIS

Take your GIS environment to the next level with complex, intelligent models. Manage your data model from a centralised geo-database (GDI) and integrate it with your existing business applications and processes...

Cloud Mapping

Visualise your alphanumeric data on a map, discover patterns and optimise your plans geographically. You do not need your own web-based GIS for this: everything is displayed on maps based on existing cloud services such as Google Maps, Bing Maps, etc...

Spatial database

Our GIS department works with our specialist Oracle and SQL Server departments to offer the unique combination of specific expertise about setting up and tuning a spatial database and integrating it into existing data models...


RealDolmen has developed its own .NET and JavaScript framework on top of Mapguide and AIMS. As well as excellent, high-performance visualisation, this lets you carry out complex analyses, link in internal and external geo-data sources easily, create datasets...
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