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Business Insights (BIS)

RealDolmen enables organizations to turn data into actionable Business Insights. With our information management solutions, based on leading business intelligence, big data and master data management services and products, we empower organizations to optimize the value of their data and operate with more efficiency and agility, reduce costs and mitigate risk.

RealDolmen Approach

We have developed a pragmatic and step-by-step data approach and reference platform.

1.  Seamless Integration

  • Interaction & transaction data
  • Existing & emerging data sources
  • Open data sets & own data

2.  Scalable Processing

  • Distributed data platform
  • Processing engine
  • Hybrid architecture

3.  Actionable insights

  • Predictive analytics
  • Data mining & machine learning
  • Enriched applications


Why RealDolmen?

  • We offer our clients end to end solution sets that turn data into meaningful business insights. All our Business Insights Solutions focus on your business needs.
  • We have key partnerships with industry-leading vendors. SAS, Microsoft, Informatica, NGData, etc. At the same time however we are technology independent and your business is our starting
  • We have a significant dedicated team of data professionals, with expertise in both in the required data management and analytics fields.
  • We have a proven trackrecord with our RealDolmen Way; our unique approach based on processes, people & technology.



Meteor is a predictive analytics service from RealDolmen that enables companies to obtain insights based on statistical models without large up-front investments. This service includes all necessary activities, hardware and software for everything from underpinning your business case to delivering insightful reports and analytics.


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