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Before implementing a project, you want to build in some assurances and develop a vision. Is the solution achievable for my organization? Will the chosen solution improve my current situation? Is everything under control? Thanks to the Plan services in the RealDolmen Plan-Build-Operate approach, we offer you several possibilities that lead to a conscious and strategic decision. Together with you we look for solutions that closely fit your information needs and your existing infrastructure on a technical and functional level.

The process of improving an ICT environment never stops. The demand for quality from your organization and processes becomes higher all the time. But improvements require time and very specific knowledge. To ensure that quality remains affordable, we make specialists available who help you look for a good solution. In our vision the customer occupies a central position. You are closely involved in this planning phase so your expectations can be met.

As a single-source supplier, we have specialists in the most diverse domains. We can offer advice about your entire ICT environment. Moreover, RealDolmen offers answers to all company needs, from consultancy related to infrastructure, technology, applications and functionality to areas like business processing and business investments. Together with you we determine which service will be used to satisfy a certain need. You can choose a specific product solution or a solution customized for your needs. To guide your project towards success our consultants use a standardized approach.

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