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Unmistakably the largest and most innovative software company in the world. With lots of different applications that satisfy the highest standards, Microsoft offers solutions for almost any commercial challenge. From business productivity tools like the Office Suite to complete ERP, CRM or BI solutions, ‘on premise’ or ‘in the cloud’ – Microsoft offers it all!

Our Partnership
“Top class” – that is the only way to describe our partnership with Microsoft. As the only partner in Belgium with 13 Gold Competencies and 9 Silver Competencies, RealDolmen has the most extensive knowledge and expertise of all Microsoft technologies. More than 180 Microsoft certified professionals can advise and assist you in every type of project.

  * RealDolmen has the most extensive knowledge and expertise in house for every Microsoft solution.
  * We can offer every type of Microsoft software in every kind of license model.
  * We also offer an extensive portfolio of our own services on Microsoft products and solutions.
  * We can custom-make completely turnkey software based on Microsoft technologies.

Key Take Away
RealDolmen has the highest educated Microsoft profiles in the Belgian market. Our employees can support and guide you in any type of Microsoft solution or project. 

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