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Once your systems are planned and built, it is time to maximize their added value. After building and implementing the solution, RealDolmen offers diverse services for maintaining and supporting both the company applications and the underlying infrastructure. From subcontracting a specific task to outsourcing your complete ICT infrastructure, you choose which level of service you want and the way it will occur.

A lack of qualified personnel, the complexity of ICT technologies, the constant need to upgrade systems to retain a competitive advantage, the need to concentrate on the core business… these are all factors that drive small and large organizations to switch to Managed Services for their infrastructure and/or applications. Managed Services also ensure an optimal ICT environment with a limited and largely predictable cost.

The Operate services within RealDolmen's Plan-Build-Operate approach contain a complete range of operational and support tasks that are part of the daily management of your IT environment. Together we determine which services are included; modularity and flexibility are central.

With a view to quality, we prefer to use standard methodologies such as ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) as a frame of reference. These standard methodologies are naturally combined with the lessons we learned during our years of experience. We transcend theory and achieve a pragmatic and modular approach and services while taking into account SLAs (Service Level Agreements).


ITIL® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited
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