New director at Realdolmen

7 May 2017

The Board of Directors announces today the cooptation of Mrs. Rika Coppens as new independent non-executive director.

She will continue the mandate of Mrs. Lieve Mostrey until the annual general meeting of shareholders on 13 September 2017. Mrs. Mostrey resigned as director because she could no longer combine her duties with her new responsibilities as CEO of Euroclear. The Board of Directors thanks Mrs. Mostrey for her commitment and engagement at Realdolmen since 2013.

Mrs. Rika Coppens started as CFO in 2010 for EFR Group BV (operator of a.o. the Texaco sites in the Benelux and the BP sites in France (a total of 1100 retail sites)) where she became CEO. Before that, she was CFO for Zenitel NV and Bureau van Dijk Computer Services NV, having started her career as a CPA (bedrijfsrevisor/reviseur d’entreprise) with PricewaterhouseCoopers. Since June 2016, Mrs. Rika Coppens is a board member and chair of the audit committee in ‘the House of HR’ and currently works as independent advisor. She will be a member of the Audit Committee of NV Realdolmen.