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Extraordinary general meeting July 20 2012

Publication Date: 
20 July 2012


The extraordinary general meeting of RealDolmen took place today. The shareholders approved all the proposed decisions:
  • to reduce the capital in accordance with articles 620, 623, 624 and 625 of the Belgian Company Code with an amount of €2,523,556.27 and to destroy 145,389 acquired own shares purchased in spite of article 617 of the Belgian Company Code;
  • to increase the capital with an amount of €2,523,556.32 through incorporation of the issuance premium to €32,193,100.00 without issuance of new shares;
  • to establish that the aforementioned capital increase and capital reduction have been realized and that the share capital remains at €32,193,100.00;
  • to renew the authorization of the Board of Directors to increase the share capital as referred to in Article 603 of the Belgian Company Code by a maximum amount equal to the share capital of the Company as of the day of the present meeting, being  €32,193,100.00 for a term of 5 years as of the date of publication of the concerned decision of the General Meeting and to renew the authority to increase the shared capital in the event of a public takeover bid for a period of 3 years, as of July 20, 2012; 
  • to approve the non-application of the provisions in the above-mentioned Article 520ter for the financial year 2012-2013
Further details regarding the extraordinary general meeting can be found in the minutes of the meeting (only available in Dutch):
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