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Working at RealDolmen

RealDolmen strives to be a "home for their employees". This requires of course also a certain attitude from them. A RealDolmen employee is in fact someone who deals every day with clear principles with clients and colleagues. Someone who can deal with problems with a concrete vision. In short, someone with whom it is a pleasure and a privilege to spend time all through the day.

We have stated these principles and vision in clear core values to which we attach great importance. Collaboration, innovation, mutual respect, delivering on promises, a nose for expertise and sharing a common passion. We say what we do and we do what we say, period.

Collaboration relies also and especially on development, knowledge sharing and knowledge management. In recent years, we have evolved to an environment in which most, if not all of us, will learn for life. So more than ever we need the RealDolmen campus to work perfectly where the right courses match with the right trainees. In our company, almost everybody regularly take examinations in order to obtain certificates. Many of us also follow seminars and workshops to constantly stay up to date.

We recognize also the important role of social media. After all, they reach an ideal platform for collaboration and cross pollination.

In short, what we are is not uniformity but rather an affinity between our people, a single soul.

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