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Internships and Guest Lectures

RealDolmen does not only offer opportunities to recent graduates. We also support students during their studies by supervising them during their thesis or their internship, or by giving presentations at schools.

An internship is the best way for students to become familiar with real working life. Every year RealDolmen offers various internships. Every intern is helped and supervised by an experienced professional.

There are a lot of good reasons for students to complete an internship. It gives you practical work experience. You can use an internship as “practice” to explore the options on the market and to gain practical experience that will enrich your CV. If you do not have a clear idea of what you want to do with your diploma then you can explore the different possibilities via an internship or possibly create new options. Completing an internship can even lead to a job offer.

RealDolmen offers students a whole range of opportunities to become familiar with real working life. We have different internships, download our RealDolmen Student Guide 2014-2015 for a complete overview.

Will you be writing a thesis soon and do you need some help? RealDolmen helps students choose a thesis subject and we coach them during the writing process.

RealDolmen also gives guest lectures or seminars at schools during school hours about specific technological subjects. The aim of these presentations, which are given by specialists in the domain, is to give an interactive session with students and professors that enables them to ask questions and discover new aspects of the technology. The theory that is explained is always supported with practical and realistic examples.

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