optimize your wireless network

Why a Wi-Fi site survey is beneficial to your business too

2 June 2017


Wi-Fi is now part and parcel of office life. Although the majority of your processes and activities run on a cabled network, your employees, visitors and customers demand Wi-Fi – for personal mails and tools on smartphones, as well as for getting to work quickly in hot desk locations.

optimize your wireless network

Three years ago, Xirrus published the following figures about wireless consumer behavior in the US:

  • 98% of consumers have a smartphone
  • 80% have a tablet.

Research by Apestaartjaren in 2016 shows that Europe is not very far behind, with 92% of young people aged 12 to 18 having their own smartphone. Over 63% of young people have mobile internet.


So now back to your office: you undoubtedly already have a Wi-Fi network. The question is how good that network is. Are you sure that your wireless network is sufficiently secure, i.e. as secure as your wired network? Do your employees complain about the speed of your wireless network? Do you need different, completely separate networks?

optimize your wireless network

Using the results of a "wireless site survey", you can map the problems in your business environment and then you can solve them. Environmental factors like tall buildings or the city or country in which you are located may negatively affect your Wi-Fi network. The age of your building, materials used, etc. can also have an impact.

We can help you improve your wireless network through on-site measurements and a report detailing the results. If you would like to know more, please download our information brochure here.

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